Bowl of pasta salad
Ingredients That Should Never Be In Pasta Salad
Large Noodles
Any noodle with a long or large shape will make pasta salad much harder to eat while standing up and chatting. A major convenience factor is smaller noodles.
Raw Veggies
Many raw vegetables are crunchy and can make for a jarring mouthfeel when combined with the soft and silky texture of the rest of the pasta salad.
Store-Bought Dressing
While a good store-bought dressing won’t ruin your pasta salad, homemade will be a better choice because it gives you control over the ingredients and flavor.
Fresh Pasta
Most fresh pasta comes in long shapes and doesn't fare as well when refrigerated, which is where pasta salad usually spends a lot of time.
Since pasta salad spends some time in the fridge, butter is a bad addition. The butter will congeal, and you’ll end up with a blob of pasta that can hardly be pried apart.