Skinless potatoes boiling in a pot
Infuse Flavor Into Potatoes By Boiling Them In Tea
Simmering potatoes in tea is a simple trick to imbue the spuds with an infusion of savory flavor that's fragrant and earthy, elevating this classic carb into an elegant side dish.
The final flavor of the potatoes will depend on the variety of tea you select. For example, a black tea will give the spuds a fuller-bodied flavor than a herbaceous green tea.
Start by allowing loose tea leaves or tea bags to steep in the hot water for three minutes or so before you add the potatoes. For a lighter flavor, brew it for less time.
Discard the leaves before adding the potatoes to the water. Boil your potatoes as normal in the infused water until fork tender before draining and tossing them in seasonings.