Bowl of melting ice cream with ice cream scooper
Incorporate Melted Ice Cream To Your Boxed Cake Mix For Sweet Baking Bliss
Premade mixes are a great shortcut for homemade cakes, but if you want to get a little creative and level up a boxed mix, try adding melted ice cream to your batter.
This swap comes from the Pillsbury test kitchen and "The Cake Mix Doctor" Anne Byrn. Ice cream is similar to heavy cream, which is added to many cakes for richness.
Like heavy cream, ice cream provides a triple threat of extra moisture, flavor, and fat to cake mix, giving the finished cake a soft, delicate, flavorful crumb.
You can use any flavor of ice cream that compliments your cake mix, from vanilla to chocolate to strawberry. Add two cups of melted ice cream to your batter.
Ice cream with mix-ins like Oreos can work, but they'll change the final consistency of the cake. Make sure to omit any fat like butter or oil, as the ice cream will replace it.
Aside from your two cups of ice cream, all you need is three eggs and a box of cake batter to mix up a deliciously sweet cake with a delicate and moist crumb.