Beef stew in a pot
Include An Acidic Ingredient When Boiling Beef For More Tender Results
While boiling beef already makes the tough cut more tender, adding acid to the boiling brew breaks down its fibers and connective tissue, doubling down on the tenderizing effort.
If your beef boil recipe doesn't include acidic compounds (like tomatoes, vinegar, or soy sauce) in the base liquid that will tenderize the meat, add some acid to the mix yourself.
A few tablespoons of lemon or lime juice or a dash or two of balsamic vinegar can provide a basic, acidic punch, whereas Worcestershire or soy sauce can pack more flavor.
Wine and apple cider are acidic mediums that add savory depth to your beef boil. Other options include tomatoes and tomato paste, which are vegetable acids with an umami flavor.
Any acid you pick will produce a tender boiled beef, so your choice of acid should depend on the flavor you're looking for and how prominent you want that flavor to be in the dish.