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Ina Garten's Trick For Crisp Lettuce Without A Salad Spinner
A cold and refreshing salad is the perfect summer meal. All you need are fresh greens, dressing, and a salad spinner to ensure you have the crisp, crunchy lettuce that's going to transform a salad from ordinary to extraordinary. But what if you don’t have a salad spinner?
Don’t worry, Ina Garten's got a trick for that. Garten recommends placing wet lettuce leaves on a dish towel, pulling in the corners to create a bag, and twirling the bundle a few times. Fast, effective and a bit of an upper body workout, this is definitely a trick that you'll want to remember.
Offering up the crispest and moisture-free leaves, you can trust that your salads won't go soggy with a DIY spin. All that's left is choosing the right bright-looking leaves that don't have dry or wilted edges, and finishing everything off with the right dressing. So what are you waiting for? Get spinning!