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Ina Garten's Trick For Cooling Your Wine In A Flash
Various methods can be used when you need to chill a bottle of wine in a hurry; from wrapping a wine bottle in a wet towel before chilling it in the freezer to chilling the wine horizontally instead of vertically. While these methods may work, Ina Garten has a better trick for cooling wine in a flash.
In an Instagram post, the celebrity chef noted that when wine needs to be chilled in a hurry, most people shove it into a bucket of ice and cross their fingers in the hopes that it will be cooled while the night is still young. Instead, Garten suggests filling the bucket halfway with ice and enough water to cover the bottle up to its neck when placed inside.
One follower commented that adding salt to the ice water bath might chill it even faster. Serious Eats confirms that adding two cups of salt to the ice water while continuously turning the wine bottle will chill it to 45 F in just five minutes.