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Ina Garten’s Top Tip For Quickly Grating Cheese
From parmesan polenta to lobster mac and cheese to her blue cheese soufflé, Ina Garten loves a good cheesy recipe. The Barefoot Contessa, cheese lover, and chef has recently revealed her secret method to quickly grate cheese, meaning less time cooking and more time eating.
Ina Garten may be associated with the phrase “store-bought is fine,” but when it comes to grated parmesan cheese, that’s not the case. Garten prefers to grate her parmesan cheese herself because it has a fresher taste, and has revealed that she uses a food processor to quickly and finely grate cheese.
In the case of parmesan, a food processor is especially handy because it can grate cheese to the powdery consistency that is required in some recipes like chicken parmesan. Garten instructs you to put your cheese “directly into the food processor” and pulse until you get the consistency you desire.