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Ina Garten's Tip For Anyone Who's Forgotten Ingredients While Baking
Everyone had misread a recipe or accidentally forgotten an ingredient before, including pro chefs like Food Network's Ina Garten. Garten also has the perfect tip to help you avoid a situation where you start baking, only to find that you've measured an ingredient wrong, forgot to buy it, or accidentally left it out of your dish.
While ingredient prep like cutting fruits or sifting flour is always good to do, Garten recommends going a step further and measuring out all of your ingredients before you tackle the first step of your recipe. This way, you can figure out early on that while you may have sugar, you are a half-cup short, rather than finding out later.
In professional kitchens, this type of food prep is known as mise en place, and traditionally means portioning out each ingredient into its own little bowl so it is ready to be added into the recipe. This helps you stay organized while baking or cooking, and ensures that you don't neglect to add an ingredient into your recipe.