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Ina Garten's Simple Trick To Dodge Crumbs While Frosting A Cake
Frosting a cake can be a challenge, especially when bits of cake keep crumbling off and getting stuck in the icing. Ina Garten has a mess-free trick to avoid all those crumbs.
Garten said in an Instagram post, “You want to always go in one direction and you should resist the temptation to move your spatula back or forth or lift it up during the process.”
Only moving your frosting tool in one direction keeps the coating smooth. Rubbing a tool back and forth over the cake's surface creates friction and causes crumbs to break off.
Additionally, Garten recommends using an offset spatula to frost a cake. Make sure to chill your cake layers as well, so they hold their shape and don't melt the frosting.
Use long, smooth strokes when applying your frosting so it appears smooth with few visible lines. Once the whole cake is covered, Garten knows how to finish it off.
The chef instructs to warm your spatula in hot water, dry it off, and run it around the sides of the cake in one smooth motion. This gives it a professional-looking finish.