A pan bagnat sandwich on a dish
Ina Garten's Simple Tip For Crispy Pan Bagnat Sandwiches
The pan bagnat, or "bathed bread," is a classic French sandwich made with oil-packed tuna, tomatoes, peppers, anchovies, cucumbers, and round-shaped rustic bread.
In a Food Network video, Ina Garten shows viewers how to make her version of the hot sandwich, and gave advice on how to get the bread super crispy.
Begin by putting a sheet pan on top of the assembled sandwich, then put some heavy cans (such as canned tomatoes) on top, making sure that the stack is balanced.
Let the cans press the sandwich down for one hour. Then, cook it in a hot panini machine for around 10 minutes for a perfectly crispy pressed sandwich.
Garten’s Tomato Mozzarella Pan Bagnat recipe uses ciabatta bread, plus mozzarella, basil, and vinaigrette for a more Italian twist on the classic sandwich.
As the name of this sandwich suggests, the bread may be bathed in olive oil and tomato juices, but it should still be crisp on the outside to stand up to the moist fillings.