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Ina Garten's Simple Method For Clarifying Butter
Everyone knows that butter brings fantastic flavor and richness to foods, but you may not be familiar with clarified butter, which can be better than the standard stuff. This ingredient is made by removing water and milk solids from butter, leaving only pure cooking fat behind, and celeb chef Ina Garten has her own way of making this delicious product.
Garten prefers clarified butter for its ability to cook foods like pancakes without burning, and she makes this special butter by using a method that's quicker than standing over a boiling pot of fat for what feels like forever. In a clip from her show “Cook Like a Pro,” Garten walks us through her butter clarifying process that only requires a microwave.
Garten adds butter to a measuring cup and microwaves it for 30 seconds so that the milk solids fall to the bottom; then, she simply pours out the pure, golden fat at the top of the cup with no straining required. This easy method also allows you to clarify butter in smaller portions, so you only have to clarify the amount you need for your recipe.