Ina Garten smiling at an event.
Ina Garten's Simple Dessert Idea That's A Delicious Way To Use Up Frozen Berries
Chef Ina Garten has introduced home chefs to countless recipes over the years, and her frozen berries with hot white chocolate is a creative yet still very easy dessert.
Hot white chocolate ganache is poured over the frozen berries, which release their juices, yet still retain a cool temperature that creates a great contrast in the final dish.
Frozen berries last much longer than fresh berries, making this dessert quick, accessible, and budget-friendly. You can make the white chocolate ganache using two methods.
Bring heavy cream to a low boil and then pour it over a chopped-up white chocolate bar so the two ingredients can blend as the chocolate melts. Give it a good stir to finish.
You can also make the ganache by placing cream and white chocolate into a double boiler and stirring them as they melt. For a thicker ganache, use more chocolate and less cream.
Garten's recipe uses white chocolate as a blank slate to let the berries' flavors shine. She adds a dash of vanilla extract to the ganache to enhance the chocolate's flavors.
Let your frozen berries thaw while you make the white chocolate for a softer texture, then simply pour a shot of hot white chocolate over each serving of berries and enjoy.