Ina Garten posing for a photo in her home kitchen
Ina Garten's Preferred Ingredient Trio For Supreme Pound Cakes
Ina Garten's pound cake recipe has a theme of "threes." She calls for sifting the dry ingredients three times and beating the mixture for three minutes to make the cake fluffy.
Garten then uses a special trio of ingredients: cognac, lemon zest, and vanilla. This creates a perfectly blended rich, sweet, and zesty flavor in one delicious pound cake.
Cognac has a sweet and fruity taste that is tempered with spicy and bitter flavors. It also has undertones of vanilla that compliment the floral elements of vanilla extract.
You can use orange zest instead of lemon, which works well with the flavors of Cognac in the cake. Kitchn also says that you can replace Cognac with another brandy like Armagnac.