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Ina Garten's Preferred Brand Of Maple Syrup Is A Maine Classic
When it comes to maple syrup, Ina Garten is partial towards one brand that hails from the Pine Tree state of Maine and has become very popular: Stonewall Kitchen.
Garten told Bon Appetit, "Maple is a great autumn flavor. It goes with pumpkin. [...] It's sweet, but it's also smoky. Stonewall Kitchen is made in Maine and is very good."
The brand waits until the last frost to start maple sugaring, creating a "rich" vibrant amber syrup that's sweet, sticky, and perfect for drizzling on a stack of hotcakes.
Stonewall Kitchen's syrup has a maple flavor with an attitude and is grade A. The grade denotes the color of the syrup and taste — the darker the syrup, the bolder the flavor.
Stonewall Kitchen's maple syrup is a translucent yellowish-red hue and is perfect for both a baker and a cook to use in their recipes.
Beyond the traditional use of the syrup for waffles and oatmeal, Stonewall Kitchen suggests using it as a sweetener for granola and adding a touch to your morning coffee.