Ina Garten holding her book "The Barefoot Contessa" at an event
Ina Garten's Oven Tip To Guarantee The Right Temperature For Every Bake
The celebrated culinary expert, Ina Garten, advises against solely relying on the built-in oven thermometers, as they may not accurately reflect the oven's actual temperature.
Built-in thermometers only alert when the pre-set baking temperature is reached and often overlook oven hotspots and the impact of contained heat.
In contrast, an external oven thermometer accounts for the whole oven and provides exact readings, helping bakers maintain an even, precise temperature needed for the perfect bake.
She strongly recommends investing in a separate oven thermometer. It's best to choose a digital one that continuously takes the temperature and provides exact degree readings.
During an interaction with the New York Times, Garten revealed her apprehension, noting, "No matter what it says on the dial, the oven itself could be totally different."