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Ina Garten's Method To Keep Butter As Cold As Possible When Making Pie
One of the trickiest parts of baking a pie is making the delicate and flaky crust, and the temperature of the butter is everything. Using very cold butter in the crust creates pockets of solid fat that melt, release steam, and expand in the oven, creating those coveted flaky layers, and celeb chef Ina Garten knows how to keep the butter chilly.
A basic rule is to keep the butter in the fridge right up to the moment you dice it into pieces and add it to the dry ingredients for the crust. However, Garten dices her cold butter in advance, then places it back in the fridge to chill further, creating perfectly cold and solid individual cubes that won't be warmed by the knife or your hands before you use it.
In a YouTube clip, Garten explains that she simply cubes the butter and places it in a bowl, then keeps the bowl in the fridge while she puts the rest of the pie together. Like most pie recipes recommend, Ina doesn’t take the butter back out until she’s ready to put in the dough, and the deep chill results in a flaky, non-soggy pie crust without much fuss.