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Ina Garten's Method For Mincing Garlic Extra Fine
Garlic is an ingredient that adds a layer of depth to almost any recipe, and its intense aroma and flavor create mouth-watering depth to various dishes from around the globe. It can be pretty messy when not handled well, but celebrity chef Ina Garten has the perfect way of creating extra fine minced garlic.
The Barefoot Contessa teaches the art of grating garlic in a Food Network YouTube video. Instead of mincing the garlic, grating garlic cloves on a zester creates a fine pulp, which allows the garlic to melt effortlessly into any recipe, providing robust flavor.
Grate garlic by rubbing the clove over the stainless steel grater, just like grating with a block of cheese. This method is an easy and effective way to obtain maximum flavor from garlic while saving from one of the longest steps in the cooking routine.