Ina Garten smiling
Ina Garten's Love Of Rattan Kitchen Decor Isn't Just About Aesthetics
Ina Garten's brand is about how to elevate entertaining with simple, clever twists, which is why she uses rattan accents in her kitchen for a timeless and coastal feel to her home.
Rattan refers to rattan vines woven together to create intricate, unique furniture pieces. The material is a light tan color with a rustic, natural appearance.
Elegant rattan pieces also serve a hidden function in the kitchen. Rattan has natural moisture-absorbing abilities that preserve the shelf life of different items in your kitchen.
Rattan is excellent for preserving the texture and integrity of homemade or store-bought bread products. It is odor-resistant, food-safe, and long-lasting if cared for properly.
You can also invest in a rattan bread-proofing basket to create a uniform shape as the dough rises. Bread-proofing baskets are useful for heavier, high-moisture doughs.
Rattan proofing baskets take in extra moisture from your proofing dough, resulting in considerably less sticky dough.