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Ina Garten's Go-To New Year's Eve Dinner Only Takes 10 Minutes To Make
New Year's Eve is associated with popping champagne and celebrating at cocktail bars, but no one should down all that bubbly on an empty stomach. Celeb chef Ina Garten has shared that she makes this simple 10-minute dinner for New Year's that doesn't get in the way of partying, and is also easy to make after a night of drinking.
In a "Barefoot Contessa" clip, Garten shows us how to make her Lemon Capellini, a pasta that only requires lemon, butter, and capellini noodles for delicious results. Capellini boils in just four minutes, which makes up a majority of the recipe's 5-minute prep time, so it's super easy to make after a long night of hitting bars or neighborhood parties.
While cooking the pasta, Garten whips up a quick lemon-butter sauce, then tosses the sauce with the pasta before serving. If you are decidedly not tipsy and actually want to prepare a nice, composed dinner for your NYE celebration, follow Garten’s advice and add caviar on top of the pasta for some extra New Year’s flair.