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Ina Garten’s Go-To Cake Flour Brand Is Especially Fine
A cake is only as good as its ingredients, and cake flour is a must-have to ensure that your cakes end up light and fluffy instead of dense and crumbly, an unfortunate result of using all-purpose flour or other kinds. Chef Ina Garten has revealed to Food Network Magazine that she always reaches for this brand of cake flour.
Garten says that Swans Down brand is the gold standard for fluffy, delicate cakes, since their cake flour is 27 times finer than standard all-purpose flour. Swans Down repeatedly grinds and sifts their flour until it reaches fine and silky perfection, and the product's low protein content also sets it apart from the competition.
Flours with less protein form less gluten when mixed with other ingredients, which makes for a lighter and fluffier final product. While some competitors sell cake flour with up to 10% protein content, Swans Down boasts a product with only 6% to 8% protein, making it an excellent choice for the most tender and airy baked goods.