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Ina Garten's Game-Changing Boston Cream Pie Additions
Created in 1856 at Boston’s Park House, AKA Omni Parker House, Omni Hotel notes that "Boston cream pie" is not a pie, but a cake with vanilla cream sandwiched between the layers and coated with chocolate icing. Ina Garten made her version of this delicious dessert with the addition of some citrusy ingredients.
Per her tweet, the Barefoot Contessa spent six years developing her recipe, elevating it by "[infusing] each of the layers with something that was either orange zest, Grand Marnier, or cognac." One fan of the recipe raved on Twitter, "I made your Boston Cream Pie and it is not just a dessert, it is an experience!"
You can save time by making the pastry cream and cake ahead and placing them in the fridge, except for the chocolate ganache, which Garten recommends making less than an hour ahead of serving. To keep moisture from accumulating, don’t put the dessert back in the fridge once you have completed assembling it.