Ina Garten smiling
Ina Garten's Fabulous Hot Chocolate Features An Array Of Ingredients
To make her fabulous hot chocolate, Ina Garten begins with whole-fat milk but also adds half-and-half to up the fat content and create a thick, creamy, and rich base.
Instead of dry cocoa, Garten opts for a blend of coarsely chopped milk and bittersweet chocolate, creating a decadent and velvety chocolate sensation.
Garten ensures the sweet barometer hits its mark by adding some sugar and then layers in the flavors that make her hot chocolate truly unique.
In addition to sugar, she adds a little bit of bitterness with coffee to create some balance and a bit of caramel using pure vanilla extract.
To round out the sweet and bitter, she adds a pop of warm spice, using cinnamon sticks for a garnish that can be used to stir the hot chocolate once poured.