Grilled sausages and vegetables with the addition of ketchup and mustard served in a black cast iron dish, close-up view
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Ina Garten’s Easy Method For Cooking Kielbasa
With a meaty, garlicky, smoky goodness, you might think that kielbasa, or Polish sausage, can’t get any better. While traditional Polish recipes call for kielbasa to be fried with sauerkraut or tossed into a hearty stew, Ina Garten has unveiled a new way to revamp the humble sausage while making it much easier to cook up.
Ina Garten took to Instagram to offer a kielbasa-based recipe that will be featured in her upcoming cookbook, “Go-To Dinners.” In the recipe, Garten gives kielbasa the Hasselback treatment meaning the kielbasa is cut deeply but not deep enough to cut through and the slices provide more surface area to soak in extra flavors.
After cutting the Hasselback pattern into the kielbasa, Garten takes advantage of the additional exposed area and glazes the sausage with a mustard and honey mixture before roasting. As the kielbasa cooks, the condiments are able to soak into the sausage, while also ensuring caramelization on the outside of the kielbasa.