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Ina Garten's All-Time Favorite Soup Creates Tasty Leftovers
Chef Ina Garten has a go-to soup recipe for a comforting meal that only gets better when it's left over. She calls Italian wedding soup her "all-time favorite soup for dinner."
Garten's recipe includes chicken broth, vegetables, spinach, pasta, and meatballs. She notes that "it's just as good reheated for lunch the next day."
To start her soup, Garten makes meatballs out of a chicken sausage mixture. She bakes the meatballs rather than frying them for simpler preparation and easier cleanup.
The chicken meatballs perfectly pair with the chicken broth, which gives the soup a depth of flavor. Add vegetables, pasta, and other ingredients you like to finish off the soup.
The soup comes together in less than an hour, and the longer you let the soup rest, the more the flavors will meld together, creating tasty leftovers to enjoy throughout the week.
The soup's name refers less to actual weddings and more to the marriage of ingredients and flavors in the soup itself, particularly as the flavors meld over time.