Ina Garten at The AMERICAN HOSPITAL of PARIS FOUNDATION'S 3rd Annual Celebration of Food, France, and Franco-American Friendship Honoring INA GARTEN at Daniel on May 6, 2009 in New York.
Ina Garten Takes An Extra Step When Draining Boiled Potatoes To Improve Texture
Ina Garten has revealed her secret for boiled potatoes with the perfect texture. After boiling her spuds, she steams them right in the colander she used to drain them.
Garten boils two pounds of Yukon Gold potatoes for 15 minutes, drains them into a colander, then places a clean towel over the colander and lets the potatoes sit for 10 minutes.
The steaming period results in softer spuds. If you boiled your potatoes in water that was too hot, they may have raw insides, but a quick steaming helps to cook them through.
Also, if you forgot to salt your water, your potatoes may be under- or overcooked, a mistake that steaming also solves, though it's better to remember to season your water.
As for knowing when the potatoes are done boiling, Garten recommends poking one of the potatoes in the pot with a toothpick. If you feel some resistance, cook them for longer.