Ina Garten smiling at Barnes and Noble event
Ina Garten Prefers A Hands-Off Method For Making Risotto
Risotto is a rice-based Italian classic, made with stock, wine, parmesan cheese, and aromatics at its most basic. It requires a lot of work, unless you follow Ina Garten's lead.
Traditionally, risotto is constantly stirred for hours on the stove, but Garten puts her ingredients in a Dutch oven and bakes it, resulting in fantastic flavor for less work.
Garten uses arborio rice, a traditional choice that's high in starch so it forms a thick and creamy sauce all on its own. She also includes her homemade chicken stock.
She bakes the rice and stock in the oven for 45 minutes until al dente, then moves the Dutch oven to the stove and adds cheese, wine, and other herbs and seasonings.
The risotto only needs to be stirred over the heated stove for 2-3 minutes, then Garten tops it off with peas. She encourages fans to customize their own super-easy oven risotto.