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Ina Garten Hinges Every Recipe On One Kosher Salt
Ina Garten believes the brand of salt she uses is important to all of her recipes. She writes on her website, “All of my recipes are based on Diamond Crystal kosher salt.”
In her cookbook “Cook Like a Pro,” Garten said she uses Diamond Crystal over Morton's kosher salt or sea salt because the latter salts are denser and taste too salty for her.
Diamond Crystal Kosher salt is made using a “craft evaporation process” that creates hollow crystals. The size and texture of the crystals makes it less salty than table salt.
The brand notes that the salt crystals' unique shape reduces the risk of over-salting your dishes, while still giving you a flavorful bite that enhances all your ingredients.
Diamond Crystal is lower in sodium than table salt by volume, and contains no additives that mess with its flavor. Garten believes her choice of salt greatly influences her food.