Ina Garten in a kitchen
Ina Garten Has A Superior Way To Grate Cold Butter
When it comes to clever kitchen hacks, Ina Garten is full of advice, and in her book “Go-To Dinners,” the celebrity chef revealed an easy, no-mess tip for grating butter.
If you want to make pie crust or biscuit dough that calls for tiny chunks of cold butter, Garten recommends grating it using her own special method for quick yet neat results.
Grating butter can get messy, so Garten grates it over a piece of parchment paper for easy clean-up. The parchment catches all the curls of butter to protect your countertop.
The silicone in the parchment also prevents the butter from sticking to the paper, so you can easily pick up the sheet and slide the grated butter into a bowl.
The butter curls, which are even smaller than tiny cubes of butter, will make your pastries flakier, and the parchment paper method prevents any potential messes.