Ina Garten smiling at an event
Ina Garten Has A Secret Ingredient To Bring Out Peach Flavors In Pie
Cookbook author and TV star Ina Garten adds orange juice and orange zest to her peach pie. She notes that the secret ingredients make "the peaches taste ... well ... peachier!"
Most pie recipes call for lemon juice to prevent the peaches from browning, but oranges have less pucker than lemons, adding some acid that doesn't overpower the peaches.
As a bonus, oranges contain a chemical called limonene, which gives them their pleasant scent. The limonene in the orange zest enhances the peaches' aroma beautifully.
For her peach pie filling, Garten also blanches peaches to more easily remove their skins. Then, she slices all of her peaches into segments except for one, which is diced.
Garten then boils sugar, cornstarch, orange zest, orange juice, and butter together and folds in the diced peach. This creates a velvety mixture to accompany the sliced peaches.