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Ina Garten Always Has Chicken Stock In The Freezer And So Should You
It’s always frustrating when you want to make a quick and satisfying meal, but your pantry is missing the staples you need. One important staple is chicken stock, and while you can stock up on shelf-stable boxes from the store, Ina Garten says that you should always have some homemade in the freezer for instant use.
Garten likes to keep homemade chicken stock in her freezer for more than just soups and stews; it can also be mixed into or used to cook casseroles, quinoa salads, pastas, meat dishes, and even savory galettes. Plus, by making your own stock, you can prevent your chicken and vegetable leftovers from going to waste.
Garten recommends saving your stock in heavy-duty ziplock bags so you can store them flat, which will help them defrost faster and save space compared to large containers. She likes to keep pre-made soups in the freezer as well, which is even better news for days when you come home famished and want a quick meal.