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In Spain, Hot Chocolate Is Not For Drinking
In Spain, hot chocolate is not for drinking. Spanish hot chocolate is less of a drink and more of a dipping sauce, specifically for churros.
Unlike typical hot chocolate, Spanish hot chocolate is much richer and has a pudding-like consistency. Its velvety texture is the perfect complement to the crunch of churros.
The Spanish preparation of hot chocolate involves melting bars of semi-sweet or dark chocolate in whole milk with sugar and a few teaspoons of cornstarch, a key thickening agent.
Churros gained popularity in Spain first, but after Spaniards brought cacao back from the New World, they created a thick hot chocolate sauce to dip
them in.
This coupled history explains why the dessert duo is as famous in Latin America as it is in Spain. That said, each culinary custom puts a unique twist on
the pairing.