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In Italy, Breakfast Is Often A Cappuccino And A Sweet Bite
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, meaning that every culture has its own morning staples that are meant to be nutritious and filling for the day ahead. However, some countries' breakfasts are a bit more indulgent than others, and in Italy, the first bite of the day usually consists of a boost of caffeine and sugar.
Breakfast in Italy typically includes a coffee drink, like a cappuccino, alongside a sweet pastry like the maritozzo (a fluffy roll with cream), sfogliatella (puff pastry), or brioche. One of the most popular breakfast pastries is the cornetto, a croissant-like laminated dough treat that originated from an Austrian pastry called kipferl.
A cornetto is often filled with jam, Nutella, honey, or even gelato, and is much sweeter than the typical croissant, so it goes great with the bitter bite of coffee. While it is traditional to start your day off sweet in Italy, portion sizes are very small, and the treats are intended to give you a little burst of energy instead of a sugar high.