Glass of water with bubbles
In Bath, England, The Mineral Spa Water Is Not Only For Soaking In
Nestled comfortably in Somerset County in England, Bath is an aptly-named city. It sits atop three hot springs, and these thermal waters aren’t just used for bathing.
Bath’s three thermal springs, King’s, Hetling, and Cross, were first discovered by an ancient prince in 863 B.C., and have since been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The water contains 43 different minerals. Ingesting it was said to be a cure for ailments such as infertility, migraine, sciatica, worms, excess phlegm, and muscle cramps.
While Romans built Bath’s first bathhouse in the first century, the water wasn’t consumed until at least the 17th century. Today, it's common to both bathe in and drink the water.
You can buy bottles of the water, or visit The Pump Room, a historic 17th-century Georgian-style social club with an ornate fountain that fills your glass with hot mineral water.