Bags of candy and bowls of candy salad
Important Tips You Need When Constructing A Candy Salad
You’ll want a container that’s large enough to hold the candy salad and can be covered and stored in a cool, dry place to keep your candy from melting or going bad.
Unwrapped Candy
The best candies to use in candy salads are unwrapped candies. Candy salads are meant to be easily snackable, so having to unwrap each one can get in the way.
Clear Instructions
If you’re making a candy salad in a group, it’s important to give clear instructions on the flavor you’re going for and what types of candy are suitable to bring.
Choosing a theme for your candy salad can make things more fun and interesting. For example, you could choose a theme based on a specific color or flavor.
If you're sharing candy salad, you'll definitely want a sanitary way for people to enjoy it. A large, clear plastic scoop like you'd see in a candy store should be perfect.