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If You're A Filet Mignon Fan Try This More Affordable Alternative
Popular among both steakhouse fans and home cooks, filet mignon is one of the top cuts of beef that steak lovers seek out for special occasions. While a thick-cut filet makes for a fine presentation for a fancy meal, it often bears an equally upscale price tag, but is there a less pricy alternative?
Sometimes called shoulder tender and bistro filet, the teres major cut is sourced from the shoulder and its tenderness mimics that of filet mignon, but typically retails for about half the cost. And while it may be tough to find in your grocery store, an experienced local butcher will likely have some on hand.
Teres major can be prepared in the same ways you might cook up a filet or even a tenderloin. Epicurious recommends pan-seared, roasted, or even grilled. Regardless of how you use it, a quick trip to the butcher could help you up your beef game while lowering your grocery bill.