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If You Run Out Of Butter, Look To This Fall-Favorite Pantry Staple
Butter is usually a must-have for baking, adding structure, richness, and flavor to everything from cakes to cookies to buttercream frosting. However, if you're vegan, want a lower-fat alternative, or you're simply out of butter, try this unconventional replacement that adds a touch of fall flavor to your baked goods.
Oil, margarine, vegan butter, and Greek yogurt are all common butter substitutes, but the next time you make a batch of delicious pumpkin spice cupcakes and have some leftover pumpkin puree, you can use the puree as a butter substitute. Pumpkin puree lends moisture and a sweet and creamy flavor to your recipes.
You'll need to do a little math to sub in the pumpkin for butter, in order to avoid an overly dense texture in your baked goods, but the ratio is fairly simple. Just multiply the amount of butter you need by three-quarters to determine how much pumpkin you'll use; Delish doesn't recommend using more than one cup of puree.