two cans of tuna
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If You Like Tuna But Not Its Smell, Give The Vegan Version A Try
Nutritious, versatile, and with a long shelf life, it’s no wonder why canned tuna is popular worldwide. However, if you can’t get over its smell, try a vegan alternative.
Tuna has a notorious cat food smell, but imitation tuna lacks this smell, unless you opt for Loma Linda brand’s imitation tuna, which uses seaweed to emulate the authentic scent.
Depending on your tastes, you can buy tuna made from wheat protein, soy, peas, chickpeas, faba, navy beans, tomatoes, or a combination of ingredients, all without a scent.
Once you’ve got your plant-based tuna, you can use it largely in the same way as tuna, from tuna fritters to a spicy mayo tuna bowl to a classic tuna salad sandwich.
Just keep in mind that when using faux tuna, you don't need as much seasoning, because it lacks tuna’s strong smell that would normally overpower other ingredients.