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If You Don't Have Time For Cold Brew, Try Using Instant Coffee
Cold brew is a great way to make ice-cold coffee overnight in the fridge without brewing it hot first, and some drinkers also appreciate that this kind of coffee is less acidic than classic iced coffee. However, if you don't have the hours to spare, try using instant coffee for the quickest iced java fix you can get.
Instant coffee is simply dried, ground coffee "crystals" that have been pre-extracted with water, and while it's typically mixed with hot water because the crystals dissolve more quickly that way, it also dissolves readily in cold water. All you have to do is stir instant coffee into cold water and you have iced coffee in seconds.
To speed up the process, you can use hot water to heat up a spoon that you'll then use to stir the coffee, but this isn't a must-do, and the most important part is stirring continuously until the coffee fully dissolves. You can even try instant cold brew made just for this purpose, such as Trader Joe’s instant cold brew powder.