Latkes with sour cream on a wooden board
If You Adore Loaded Tater Tots, Take Things A Step Further With Latkes
Loaded tater tots are totally crave-worthy, but latkes can make them even better. Potato pancakes make for a crispy yet more sturdy base for toppings piled sky high.
Latkes, a customary Hanukkah food and Jewish deli staple, are made from hand-grated potatoes, grated onions, egg, and flour, formed into pancakes and deep-fried in oil.
For the ultimate loaded latkes, use classic tater tot toppings like sour cream, sliced green onions, bacon bits, and melted shredded cheese.
Add some pickled jalapeños for brininess and some added kick, as well as sour cream and accouterments such as caviar, smoked salmon, and herbs.
You can add pickled jalapeños for brininess and some added spice, or even deli favorites like smoked salmon, cream cheese, and herbs.
Make your latkes on the smaller side. They'll still have more surface area than tater tots for the ideal topping-to-tater ratio, but they'll also be easy to enjoy as finger food.
When serving loaded latkes for a party, store extras in the oven on low and replenish them as they run out. Leftovers are great reheated for breakfast, or cold with sour cream.