falling cookies
Ice Water Is Essential To Delicious Cookies That Don't Spread
For cookies that have a perfect round shape instead of spreading out flat and thin, use ice water to solidify the fat in the dough and keep it colder for longer.
Once the cooled dough is baked, the solidified fats take longer to melt, preventing spreading for thicker, chewier cookies with a beautiful golden brown color.
To try this, fill a large bowl or roasting pan with ice, then add water until the ice floats. Place the dough in an airtight, sealed bag and flatten it out for more surface area.
Submerge the bag in the bath and make sure that it’s mostly covered with the icy water. Use a smaller bowl to keep the dough more submerged if necessary.
Make sure that water doesn't leak into the bag, which can alter the cookies' texture. Rotate the bag of dough occasionally to ensure a thorough cooling, which takes 15-20 minutes.
Once cooled, quickly scoop the dough onto your cookie tray before it can warm up and soften. You can always keep the dough in the ice bath if you aren't baking all of it at once.