A bowl of hummus
Hummus Is The Key To Dreamy Pasta Sauce With Low Effort
Hummus, a dip beloved all over the world, can be eaten with more than just chips, pita, and veggies. You can transform it into a pasta sauce full of flavor, protein, and fiber.
Creating hummus pasta sauce is quick and easy. Just mix hummus with enough starchy pasta water to form a creamy sauce that can be enhanced with various other flavorings.
Hummus can be used in a vegan alternative to cacio e pepe. Just combine the dip with miso paste, pasta water, plenty of black pepper, salt, and olive oil to create a savory sauce.
You can pair hummus pasta with Mediterranean ingredients like olives and sun-dried tomatoes, or try using pre-flavored hummus. It can even be used in stuffed shells and ravioli.
All you need to do is scoop hummus straight from the container into the shells, or dollop the dip onto a sheet of rolled-out pasta that serves as the base of your ravioli.