A cocktail consisting of vanilla ice cream, rum and Kahulua.
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Hummer: The Vanilla Ice Cream Cocktail Michigan Claims As Its State Drink
While the modern milkshake can be traced back to 1884, when inventor James Tufts created a groundbreaking milkshake mixer, Americans didn't start adding booze to their ice cream drinks until the 1920s. One of today's most popular ice cream cocktails debuted in Detroit later in the 1960s, and it's since become Michigan's state drink.
The Hummer is an ice cream cocktail most often credited to Jerome Adams, who was working at the Bayview Yacht Club when restaurateur Ed Jacoby stopped in and tried Adams' innovative new ice cream beverage. Jacoby liked the drink so much that he began to hum delightedly in his chair, thus giving the Hummer its name.
To make an authentic Hummer that Jerome Adams would be proud of, all you need is rum (an amber rum is best), Kahlúa coffee liqueur, vanilla ice cream, and some ice. Simply throw all the ingredients into a blender, blend until smooth, then pour the drink into a glass for a sweet, refreshing, yet rich summer sip.
To taste a Hummer in Detroit, the obvious choice is its birthplace, the Bayview Yacht Club, or head to spots like the Sweetwater Tavern, Mercury Burger Bar, London Chop House, and Sinbad's Restaurant. The NY Times notes that some Hummer recipes include maraschino cherries, whipped cream, or even candy canes for Christmas.