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How You Should Really Be Measuring Water For Your Coffee
Coffee may very well be the only beverage that can unite cultures across the globe, and Statista even reported that the world sips its way through 166.63 million bags of the drink each year. But while many coffee lovers may head to Starbucks for their morning favorite, some may be more partial to brewing up a cup at home.
With grinding your coffee beans at home for the most flavor as an example, there are many techniques to make a great cup of joe, but just as many to mess it up. Apart from not cleaning out your coffee maker, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is not measuring the proper 28 grams of H20 for every 1.5 or 2 grams of coffee beans.
Since they vary in size, measuring cups pale in comparison to food scales for water accuracy, and are even cited by dietitians to measure food portions. Food scales can also help guide you in tailoring coffee for your preferred taste, so don’t forget to pull them out of the cabinet for a great tasting pick-me-up!