Deviled Eggs with Cucumber as an Appetizer
How You Should Eat Your Eggs In The Morning, Based On Your Zodiac Sign
Aries are known for having fragile egos and an insecurity-driven superiority complex, so the way they should eat their eggs is the way Americans like it the most: scrambled.
Serve the scrambled eggs soft and fluffy with toast, wrapped in a warm tortilla, or atop a lox bagel. The options are endless — and, more importantly, they're all winners.
Taurus are considered stubborn, prioritize comfort, and know exactly what they want. Their go-to eggs should be an easily-customizable and impossible-to-mess-up omelet.
You can throw in some cheese, veggies, potatoes, or even bacon, eat it with fresh-baked sourdough bread, orange juice, or simply anything else these signs prefer.
Geminis are often associated with having two sides, so the way they should eat their eggs in the morning is fried and flipped — that way, they get cooked on both sides.
By flipping the egg, you get an egg with a nice crispy bottom and a top that's set just enough so that the yolk is contained but still runny.
Empathic and emotional, Cancers hide behind their hard shells but really are just big softies. If they were to eat their eggs in any particular way, they'd be soft-boiled.
Just like getting to know a Cancer, you'll be met with a soft, melted center, but only after you've peeled their hard shells.
Considering Leo's positive approach to life and association with the sun, it's no surprise that if they were to eat their eggs any way in the morning, it'd be sunny side up.
Just like how Leos are the superstars of the zodiac, sunny-side-up eggs are essentially the models of all egg preparations that guarantee a show-stopping breakfast each time.