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How You Should Be Seasoning Beef Tenderloin
Beef tenderloin is prized for its tender texture, but is not known for being abundantly fatty and flavorful, so the cooked meat can come out bland or dry. The Kitchn points out that beef tenderloin needs to be well-seasoned because it is so lean, and these are the best ingredients for the job.
"Coating the meat's exterior with kosher salt can bring out the flavoring potential," says The Kitchn. Besides a coating of salt, which brings out the natural flavor, tenderloin will also benefit from dried herbs and potent spices; we recommend garlic, rosemary leaves, and fresh thyme for an appetizing roast.
If you fear that herbs and spices aren't enough to flavor the lean meat, The Spruce Eats recommends using a flavorful marinade or pairing the cooked tenderloin with a savory sauce. Marinades also add more moisture, preventing dryness, and tying your tenderloin with twine will help it cook evenly.