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How You Should Actually Be Using The Humidity Drawers In Your Fridge
Many refrigerators have a few components and storage spaces in common, such as the crisper drawer. While it's tempting to shove your groceries anywhere they fit in the fridge, the crisper drawer, sometimes called a humidity drawer, is best suited to one purpose: to help maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables.
Most crisper drawers have custom humidity settings that you can adjust depending on the type of produce you've bought. When you change these settings, a small window hidden in the drawer adjusts itself; this window closes more if you set the crisper to high humidity, and opens more if you set it to a low humidity.
Vegetables that are ethylene-sensitive and prone to wilting, such as cucumbers, herbs, and leafy greens, should be stored in the crisper at a higher humidity setting. Produce like avocados, apples, and other pitted fruit can rot quickly, so they should be stored in a low-humidity crisper to encourage more airflow.