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How You Should Actually Be Trimming Brussels Sprouts
The Brussels sprouts are held together by its stem, and typically, some of the stems are still there when you purchase your sprouts from your neighborhood supermarket or farmers market. The stem of the Brussels sprout is the toughest portion, and precisely clipping the stems off is the toughest part of cooking this veggie.
When trimming Brussels sprouts, moderation and balance are crucial factors to take into account. Trimming too little of the stem on the Brussels sprout will cause an extremely chewy stem that will be difficult to swallow, while cutting too much of the stem will cause the Brussels sprout to lose its integrity and the little leaves to have nothing left to hold on to.
The solution to trimming Brussels sprouts is to strike a delicate balance and don't trim too much off to ensure roasting perfection. Another trick to ensure the core won't be too tough is to score an "x" onto the Brussels sprout's base to ensure each sprout cooks through evenly.