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How You Chop Kale Matters More Than You Think
Kale is a nutritious leafy green vegetable that is beloved by health enthusiasts for its high concentration of vitamins and minerals. However, kale can be tough, fibrous, and chewy, making it a harder sell for some eaters, so you should know how to make your kale more tender just by chopping it in the correct way.
Kale is a tough vegetable because it is naturally high in cellulose, a fibrous substance that makes it difficult to chew. To make it more palatable to beginners, it's best to chop kale into smaller pieces than larger ones, because this breaks down more cellulose, making the greens easier to bite, swallow, and digest.
Chopping kale finely also helps the leaves cook more evenly, because all foods cook faster and more consistently when cut into bite-sized, uniform pieces. You can avoid some pieces being burnt while others are mushy, while also getting your kale-laden salad, side dish, or main course on the table much faster.