A decorated milk froth in a cup of cappuccino
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How You Can Nail Impressive Latte Art With No Technical Pouring Required
If you want to get creative at home and pull off the same kind of latte art your barista impresses you with, you don't need fancy milk-pouring skills. All you need is a stencil.
Top your latte with a stable layer of frothy milk as a blank canvas. Place the stencil on the rim of your cup or hover it just above, leaving some room between it and the froth.
Use your favorite ground powder topping, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, or cocoa, and gently sprinkle the powder through a small fine-mesh sieve onto the stencil.
Once you've dusted on a light layer, completely covering the stencil, carefully pick up the stencil to reveal your powdered work of art beneath.