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How Whole Fish Took Over Restaurant Menus In 2022
Whole fish is gaining popularity in the U.S., but it's nothing new in countries such as Korea and China. As with most food trends in the melting pot of America, restaurants of all different cuisines and cultures are responsible for an uptick in whole fish consumption, whether served grilled, seared, steamed, broiled, smoked, roasted, and salt-crusted.
Beyond being delicious — as many diners have learned at restaurants nationwide — a no-waste attitude and "nose to tail eating" has made whole fish a huge trend in 2022. For most species, a fish's skin, head, tail, and fins are all edible, and you can even eat the bones of smaller fish so that absolutely no part of the animal is wasted.
This year, New York City emerged as the unofficial capital of the whole fish, and porgies, sea bass, sea bream, and red snappers are served everywhere from Chelsea to Gowanus to Rockefeller Plaza. If you’re looking to dine on-trend, make sure to try sustainable seafood served whole before 2023 rolls in (and afterward, as well).